Is that the Ford GT Le Mans racer in the background of this Forza video?

Shortly after the reveal of the new Ford GT in Detroit a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced that it was putting the new American supercar on the cover of the upcoming sixth installment of the Forza Motorsport video game series. Now it has put out a video of the process of digitizing Dearborn's latest.

Whether you're into Detroit steel (or carbon fiber and aluminum in this case), exotic supercars or video games, the video is worth a watch in and of itself. But our eyes were focused on something else.

In the background of one shot (around the 1:49 mark) you can see a design board with renderings of what looks to be the rumored racing version of the GT – complete with reshaped air intakes, deeper side sills, a bigger rear wing and a central rear fin like you'd find on the latest LMP1 racing prototypes.

It wouldn't be the first time we've caught wind of the prospect of the Blue Oval's new supercar going racing. We first heard of the plans last October, further reinforced in December with reports of the new GT coming to Detroit. And as we reported just a couple of weeks ago following the supercar's reveal, a return to Le Mans could be in the cards – which would be fortuitous timing, since next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the original GT40 scoring its landmark 1-2-3 finish in the 24-hour race.

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