First Drive: 2015 Jeep Renegade

Following hot on the heels of its re-imagining of the Cherokee nameplate for the crossover shopper, Jeep strikes again with the cute, utile and surprisingly good-to-drive Renegade CUV. Find out what we love, what we're not so fond of, and why there's a yeti hiding in this picture... somewhere.

New 911 range to be nearly all-turbo

As with air-cooled engines in the golden past, Porsche is almost ready to stay goodbye to normally aspirated engines for its legendary 911 range. With demands for increasingly stringent emissions and fuel economy targets drawing near, turbocharged engines are set to transform the German sports car maker in the coming model year.

Hydrophobic metal tech is mind blowing

Etched with microscopic patters, these metal samples from the University of Rochester repel water with a veracity that looks akin to magic on slow-motion video. Learn more about the process, and what affect it might have on your future vehicle, here.

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