Well that was quick. In November 2014, during a preview of the Toyota Mirai FCEV, presenters discussed the difficulty of charging for hydrogen by the kilogram. At the time, the only way anyone could be charged for hydrogen was by the tank, no matter how much or how little hydrogen they got; unit price couldn't even be discussed since no H2 station had received official state certifications for measuring the amount of hydrogen dispensed. The consensus then was that it would take six months to a year to address the infrastructure needs to begin charging by the kilo.

Exactly three months later, it's done: the hydrogen refueling station at Cal Sate University Los Angeles is the first in SoCal to be approved to sell H2 by the kilogram after passing "a rigorous state performance evaluation." The station can produce about 60 kg of per day and can fill at 350 and 700 bar, but as far as we can tell, its hydrogen storage tanks hold 60 kg of hydrogen at just 350 bar.

Regrettably, CSULA hasn't told us how much it plans to charge for a kilogram of hydrogen; those deliberations might still be taking place. But if you'd like to be the first to roll up to an H2 station on "E" and request "Seven dollars and fifty cents on pump four, please" now you know where to go.

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