Ford is trying to get us hyped for the unveiling of the latest Focus RS on February 3 with this new video teaser. The clip showcases the hot hatch doing some big slides in the wet and dry during testing in Europe and the US, and it definitely makes us even more curious about what the Blue Oval has in store with the RS.

Even in this short teaser, Ford continues to dress the more aggressive nose of the Focus RS in camouflage, like the previous test cars. Unfortunately, what's going on under all of that concealment remains a bit of a mystery. Rumors suggest the RS likely uses a tuned version of the Blue Oval's 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder estimated to make between 325 and 350 horsepower. A speculated torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system should keep fears of torque steer at bay, and larger brakes on the test mules indicate that bringing it all to a halt shouldn't be a problem, either.

We do know that the hotter Focus will be among the "more than 12" vehicles that the new Ford Performance division will develop through 2020, and the RS will come to the US for the first time. However, US-spec RS models will likely be imported from Europe, which will keep numbers here low and will mean prices estimated to be around $30,000 or more. Until the official specs become available, at least enjoy watching this hot hatch's ability to slide.

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