Polaris issues stop sale of Slingshot for potential steering failure

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
The Polaris Slingshot has its first stop-sale and stop-ride order. Polaris sent owners a letter last week to inform them that the possibility of defective ball bearings in the steering rack could cause a loss of steering, and that roll hoops on certain models might not "support the Polaris performance specifications." In the interest of safety, the company has put a stop to all sales for the time being while the issues are resolved.

The letter said that all dealers will have the full service bulletin by Wednesday of this week, and that repair parts will appear in the dealer order system the day after. We've reached out to Polaris for information on how many Slingshots it thinks are affected and when it thinks the stop-sale will be lifted, but at time of writing we haven't had a response. We'll update this story if we get more details.

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