New England Patriots player helps driver of rollover crash

Winning the AFC Championship game to guarantee a spot in the Super Bowl would be a pretty major accomplishment for most people in a day. However, just hours after the victory, New England Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork showed what he could do off the field, when he helped save a woman from an overturned car. Though, the player remained modest about what happened.

Wilfork and his wife were driving home late at night when they spotted a flipped Jeep near Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. Surveillance video showed Wilfork pulling over and running to the vehicle's aid to be among the first on the scene.

Finding a woman trapped inside, Wilfork told her, "Don't panic," and according to Massachusetts State Police, the 325-pound player simply reached his arm into the vehicle and lifted the woman out to save her. She was later charged with driving under the influence. Hear Wilfork's description of what happened in the video above.

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