This is not how you use tow straps, everyone

There are a million ways to mess it all up when you go off-road, and when you muck it up by yourself, there's always the chance the guy coming to assist you will result in two busted trucks and the question, "Well, who's going to go for help?" As the Ford Ranger driver in the video above proves, you can get it really wrong with something as simple as tow strap.

There are at least 15 minutes of WTF and laughter and priceless commentary and dumb in this video, which is just one minute and six seconds long. We watched it four times; it looked so much like a scene from Dumb and Dumber, we're glad no one was hurt. It deserves a viewing, but be careful, there's a bit of foul language in one of the related promoted videos at the end. Be careful out there - especially with dim-bulb Good Samaritans.

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