Mercedes-Maybach S6002016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 first test

The Maybach name is back, but in a very different way. Mercedes has brought back its ultra-luxury name and slapped it on a cushy, plush, stretched version of the already excellent S-Class sedan. We get out first chance in this nearly $200,000 Merc, with impressions from behind the wheel and while lounging in the rear cabin. Read all about it, here.

Shelby GT2015 Shelby GT revealed

The 2015 Ford Mustang has launched, and the endless versions are starting to roll out. We've seen all of the Ford-created monsters like the GT350 and GT350R, and now, we have Shelby American's first crack at the all-new 'Stang with this, the 627-horsepower GT. It's a total beast, and it doesn't come cheap, either. Check out all the details of this $70k 'Stang.

Honda HR-VLittle Honda HR-V gets 35 mpg

It's no secret that fuel economy is one of the most important things new car shoppers are considering when picking a vehicle. Even with falling gas prices, efficiency is super important. Honda recently revealed its Fit-based HR-V compact crossover, and the company is now touting it as the most fuel-efficient compact CUV in the market, with a 35-mpg highway rating.

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