Mercedes C111 concept in commercial spoof A Fistful of Wolves

A Fistful of Wolves is a spoof of fashion advertising, commissioned by Mercedes-Benz to spread a cheeky word about Berlin Fashion Week. Yet, in the lampooning of sartorial gobbledygook, plenty of automotive advertising gets doused with cold water, too - like the ads that subscribe to the importance of being earnest (looking at you Matthew McConaughey and Kate Walsh), or the ones that try to convey just how unimaginably cool you'll be once you've jumped into the three-year-lease hole (looking at you, um... Mercedes-Benz and every other German luxury brand).

We appreciate a brand that can make fun of itself, though. Led by Australian Justin O'Shea driving the Mercedes C111 through Berlin, it's beautiful satire as O'Shea tries to be fashion-forward while his friends go on about their daily lives, wondering why he never seems to be listening until he's offered cake, or why he's trying to walk in slow motion. Check it out in the video above.

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