Charting Detroit's average debut car

The cars and concepts of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show were great in number and diverse in orientation. But, if we look at them as a population, and average out what we know about their specs, what do we find. Come along for a bit of statistical trend hunting, before the cars in Cobo get cold.

Auto show models get $1k to gather intel

It's not uncommon to see a product specialist – or "auto show model" in the common vernacular – standing in front of a new vehicle at a big car show. What you may not realize is that the pro you're talking to may be keeping track of your opinions. That pretty face might just be an industry spy.

Mercedes prices the Maybach S600S-Klasse, S 600 Maybach (X 222) 2014

Big as a battleship, fast as a rocket, shinier than a new penny and more luxurious than a sultan's underpants – the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is a rolling statement of wealth on wheels. Yet, with all of its advanced technology and customization opportunities, it's kind of... wait for it... a bargain.

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