Walk around the Tesla Model X EV

Two New Videos Give Our Best View Yet Of Upcoming All-Electric CUV

The Tesla Model X alighted on the Panasonic stand at the Consumer Electronics Show. We're still waiting on the production version of the falcon-doored, three-row crossover so this is the pre-production prototype that's been making the rounds for a while; Engadget sat in it two years ago, in fact.

But between the two videos we've included here we now have a complete loop around the X and a skim of the inside of the dual-motored, all-wheel-drive crossover. We also get to see the falcon doors in action framing those "work of art" back seats. Also neat, a dash display shows 237 miles of range at about 80 percent charge. Despite the fact that the vehicle itself isn't brand new, it does hold some secrets. Some folks were warned off of filming the interior, for example, and that's why the Techno Buffalo piece below keeps its distance. With deliveries said to begin at the end of next year or early next year, we should be getting much closer to it soon.

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