Porsche expects to hit 200k sales target 3 years early

  • Image Credit: Porsche
When Porsche launched the Cayenne, enthusiasts and purists – in between fits of rage – rationalized the SUVs existence by imagining that the money it brought in would guarantee the company's continued ability to produce the many beloved versions of its 911. The same was said when the Panamera arrived, and again when the Macan was unveiled. What probably wasn't imagined when these three more mainstream vehicles joined the Porsche catalog, was how dramatic an impact they'd have on the company's sales figures.

The company expects 2015 to be a banner year, as it aims to hit a 200,000-unit sales goal three years ahead of schedule. Porsche sold nearly 190,000 units in 2014, a gain of 17 percent over 2013, while its year-over-year sales for December were up 39 percent. Considering Porsche made these gains before the full impact of the new Macan could be felt, it's no wonder the company is so keen on 2015.

Porsche has already moved 45,000 Macans, which would be impressive on its own, were it not for the way the CUV is elevating the brand. According to a report from Reuters, two-thirds of the company's Macan deliveries have been to first-time Porsche customers. Considering these two facts, it will be extremely interesting to see the impact Porsche's newest model has on its sales over a full calendar year.

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