What started as a fairly normal traffic stop for Sergeant Kerstan Tatro ended with him lying on the ground with a compound fracture in his arm. The policeman in Gulf Breeze, FL, pulled over a woman driving a Lexus SC 430 because her erratic driving suggested that she might be under the influence. It all went well until Tatro asked the driver to perform a field sobriety test and she sped away partially trapping the officer in the car. It was all captured by the cruiser's dashcam.

As the woman started to drive away, Tatro tried to grab for the keys. He was too late, though, and she got on the gas. The Lexus ran over the officer's foot and caused the serious injury to his arm. Thankfully, bystanders were at the policeman's side within a few seconds of him being hurt. By coincidence, even Tatro's daughter was driving by the time, and was pretty shaken by her dad's condition.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, a witness to the officer's injuries followed the woman to a hotel parking lot and told police where she was. They allegedly found drugs in her possession. Below is a video from the Pensacola News Journal interviewing Tatro, and he gives a thorough account of exactly what happened.

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