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Another naked Porsche 911 GT3 RS caught in Stuttgart parking garage

  • Image Credit: Johan9ff
With its reveal not expected until the Geneva Motor Show in April, we have to wonder why there'd be a rode-hard-put-away-wet 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS sitting out in the open, completely uncovered. It's one thing to be caught out on the street or in triplicate at a Swedish gas station, but it's another thing to be on what looks like daily driving duty – there's a child's seat in the passenger's throne.

Instagram user Johan9ff snagged it, and in response to a query in German as to how, he answered in German (per Google Translate) that he found it in a parking garage in a fitness center in the Stuttgart suburb of Killesberg. Based on its muddy front lip and bug-spattered paint job, the coupe has been naked out on the street and traveling quickly. Out of its camouflage it looks just like we've been led to expect based on the patent photos and the recent winter spy shots, but this time we get an up-close view of the vents over the front wheels. We have one word to say about them: filthy. And if you're wondering about those turbo-like vents on the rear haunches, no, this isn't a GT2Porsche has said there won't be a GT2, the current race-certified GT3 RSR has those vents (occasionally found on the previous version as well), and the GT3 RS has already been leaked in scale-model form. This is it.

Based on comments left on Porsche forums, production will be limited by the number of orders – the new engine won't meet European regulations coming into force, so it won't be manufactured after this year. Deliveries are said to start at the beginning of summer; those who bought the 918 Spyder will get first dibs, and you can be certain there won't be enough of these to go around. Speaking of that engine, it's said to be good for somewhere between 510 to 525 horsepower, a PDK transmission getting power to staggered wheels, 20-inchers in front, 21-inchers in the back. Johan9ff has slowly been posting Instagram photos of the beast, we're hoping he got at least one of the interior. Those seats looks mega. Bring on Geneva.

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