We don't know how we got here, but it's apparently Ferrari Testarossa season. Not even 90 days ago, Evo bossman Harry Metcalfe preached an ode to the eightiest Eighties exotic there ever was ("exotic," as opposed to supercars like the Ferrari F40 or Porsche 959). Only weeks ago, one of the white Testarossas from Miami Vice hit eBay for the outrageous Buy It Now price of $1.75M. Now we have Drive offering a five-minute video of John Pogson, an Englishman who's been restoring Ferraris for decades, discussing the ups and downs of a car that perhaps had the best shoulder pads of that whole decade.

Pogson went to Italy to retrieve one of the first two Testarossas to reach to England, and promptly got in trouble with the factory for taking prospective customers to Silverstone for hot laps. Unlike other paeans, Pogson says it took him time to overcome misgivings about the red-headed classic, like how it wasn't very fast and would "run out of brakes" on the track, but he's come around to it.

The video above is just a teaser for a longer Drive video behind a pay wall, so don't expect fireworks, but do expect some mighty exhaust noises. And since we're here celebrating, below we've included a MotorWeek Retro Review of the Testarossa from 1998, and another of Chris Harris driving a 1992 512TR. Harris likes it so much he says five words in the whole vid. And the coupe really does look better when you wear a white suit, even a horribly wrinkled one.

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