Ferrari FXX K could get even more extreme Evoluzione version

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Whenever a new Ferrari comes out – a mid-engined one especially – speculation begins to ramp up over how the boys in Maranello could make it even faster. When the 458 Italia was revealed, for example, focus immediately turned to what would become the 458 Speciale – just as the F430 begat the 430 Scuderia before it. Ditto LaFerrari, which was instantly projected to breed a new track variant, and that's exactly what we got with the debut of the FXX K in Abu Dhabi last month. And now that it's here, speculation is beginning to mount for an even more hardcore Evoluzione version.

Look over the history of Ferrari's Corse Cliente version and you'll see the original Enzo-based FXX was followed by an FXX Evoluzione, and the subsequent 599XX bred a similarly enhanced 599XX Evoluzione. It would stand to reason, then, that an FXX K Evoluzione could be in the cards, but it won't come anytime soon.

Speaking with Autocar, Ferrari test driver, former grand prix pilot and Le Mans winner Marc Gené said, "Right now, I think we cannot improve" on the FXX K, "but no doubt something will come up. I wouldn't be surprised if it happens, but it won't be in two years." Approximately three years separated the debut of the FXX and FXX Evo, but the 599XX was only out for a year or two before the 599XX Evoluzione came around.

If and when a FXX K Evo does arrive, Gené figures it will focus more on weight reduction, efficiency and handling than on power. As it is, the FXX K already produces 1,035 horsepower, after all. Given the nature of the XX development program, however, owners of the FXX K can expect their track machine to get incrementally more advanced as the Prancing Horse marque uses the program to test new components.

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