Watch Alfa Romeo's slightly suggestive lifestyle ad for the 4C

We haven't watched a car ad with this much European panache in quite some time - and let us be clear, we're using the phrase "European panache" in its marketing sense, which is code for "women in lingerie." But it's Alfa Romeo and it's Italy and it's the 4C and what else would we ever have expected?

Alfa Romeo USA has posted a two-minute spot talking up the technology and capabilities of the of 4C, with beauty shots of the car augmented by an amorous pantomime between two beautiful people wearing a whisper of clothing and some un-subtle editing; like when the phrase "pure seduction" is matched to the 4C's rear end and... some lovely lady lumps.

It's totally safe for work, but that doesn't mean you want it rolling when the boss walks by. And speaking of the above phrase, we're wondering if the coupe's exterior designers signed off on "The inexplicable design of the 4C is pure seduction." Inexplicable? Check it out in the video above.

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