This BAC breathalyzer keychain tells you when you'll be sober again

  • Image Credit: Breathometer
The holiday and New Year's parties are all long over for most people and hopefully any hangovers are in the past too. If your resolution for 2015 is to party a little more responsibly, then a little gadget called the Breeze might be just the ticket.

Personal breathalyzers aren't too uncommon these days, but the Breeze brings the tech up the latest standards. In addition to the usual check of blood alcohol content (BAC), the 0.97-ounce device uses Bluetooth to sync with a user's smartphone to communicate some extra, helpful information. One of the big highlights is being able to estimate roughly the time needed for a person's BAC to return to zero. The app also retains the test results to let owners see the rate they metabolize alcohol for better planning next time.

However, it's not always possible to wait around to get sober again, and the Breeze offers some solutions to that too. From within the app, you can ring up a cab, hail a car from Uber or denote a pal from your contacts list as a designated driver to call at the press of a button. If none of that is convenient, the software can even point out nearby restaurants for a bite to eat or find a local hotel to sleep things off.

According to data recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 10,076 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2013, which was 31 percent of the total deaths on the roads in the US. These tragedies are easily prevented simply by not drinking and driving, and the Breeze is one option to possibly help prevent them. You can read more about the it on the company's website, here.

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