Aussies get together to celebrate New Year's with record-breaking burnout

Two years ago the Guinness World Record for the world's largest burnout was set at the Summernats, an Australian festival of horsepower and smoke in the nation's capital, Canberra. Despite attempts to break it over the past two years, the record of 69 cars stood until New Year's Day, this year. Who broke it? The ladies and gentlemen of Summernats, who raised the certified world record to 103 hoons liquefying their tires simultaneously.

The Summernats officials said 107 cars made it into the lineup for the attempt but only 103 were certified, the rules stipulating that the burnout has to last 30 seconds. Looking at the video above, we don't know how the Guinness rep managed to count all the cars unless they were was wearing a hazmat suit; the giant cloud captured in the helicopter shot is the testament to the fact that 'Something nasty happened here.'

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