A flat-six engine pumping away behind the driver defines the Porsche brand for many people, whether they are buying a Boxster, Cayman or 911. If you want to appreciate the sound and fury concentrated in the rear of these German sports cars even more, then take a tour of the company's 911 engine factory in Zuffenhausen, Germany, to see the work that goes into each one.

We're long past the days of automotive assembly lines being deafening, dirty affairs, but it's still somewhat shocking to see just how sterile the plant in Zuffenhausen is. ​Each person wears a matching gray jumpsuit and gloves, and there's not a drop of grease of them. While the components are constantly coming down the line, there doesn't appear to be much of a rush. It's just a slow, steady movement that gives workers time to complete their appointed tasks. At least in this video, the employees don't even seem to talk to each other; the only sound is the hum of the plant or whir of tools. It's transfixing to watch these famous engine slowly come together largely from human hands.

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