2015 Detroit Show will be the best in years

New NSX. New CTS-V. New Mini Cooper JCW. And a whole host (we suspect) of new Fast Fords. If you're into horsepower, racing, or sexily shaped metal, this year's Detroit Auto Show is shaping up to be a fun one to watch for. Get the lowdown before the show kicks off, here.

The best cars we drove in 2014

With the year almost up, we thought it high time to make a list of the best cars we drove over the last 12 months. Read on to hear your Autoblog editors recount their personal motive high points from the year that's closing.

Man survives crazy fall from overpass

In this rather insane video comes from a Mexican highway, where a couple in a well-positioned car were able to catch a man jumping from an overpass onto the highway below. He was fine... except for all the drugs he was presumably on at the time.

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