VW LogBox and Race App performance data logger for R models [w/video]

Now that it's got a 300-horsepower Golf R to brag about, Volkswagen wants you to be able to brag about it accurately with the LogBox and Race App performance data logging combo. Plug the LogBox into your VW's OBD II port and it sends data over BlueTooth to the Race App, measuring variables like acceleration, distance, G-force and engine performance. If you're on a circuit, it uses Google Maps to make a map of the track, and you can record live video in-app to match with the data.

Volkswagen says the LogBox will be available for R models and "a range of further Volkswagen cars," so you'll want to hit up your dealer with questions before ordering. It's available from the VW accessories store for 299 euros ($365 US), but right now the free app is only available in German, in the German-language iTunes and Google Play store. We imagine that will be corrected shortly; in the meantime, the video can show you how it works.

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