The best stuff Translogic did in 2014

2014 saw a new host for our forward-looking video series, Translogic, unearthing a profusion of fascinating new technologies in the process. Click through to check out the highlights of the series from the year that's almost up.

Drive drunk, win a scholarship... really

In a move that is sure to raise questions about how incentives alter behavior, a Colorado attorney is launching a new program that would give $1,000 scholarships to students that recount their drunk driving experiences. Find out more, here.

McConaughey does new Lincoln spots

If 1,000-yard stares, the asking of impenetrable questions and a general air of vagueness sells cars, well, then Lincoln is ready to shift a lot of them. Matthew McConaughey is back in a new set of spots for the luxury brand, and he doesn't disappoint.

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