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This dream home theater and office happens to be in a Cadillac Escalade [w/video]

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Need to take a ride cross country in the lap of luxury while still getting some work done? Short of a tour bus, the Concept One Curve from Lexani Motorcars might be one of the most comfy options imaginable.

Lexani is usually known for creating opulent armored vehicles, but for the Concept One Curve it focuses on converting a 2015 Cadillac Escalade into a place for work or play. The company strips out the standard passenger compartment to install a higher ceiling with LED lighting, two leather-upholstered power captain's chairs and jump seats. However, the real highlight is a 48-inch curved 4K television mounted against the driver's partition. Don't worry about missing your favorite shows because there's a TracVision Satellite, too. The driver gets a re-covered seat of their own up front.

If business needs to get done, the vehicle also includes a Mac Mini computer, tables stowed in the seats and connections for video conferencing. Of course, if you're riding in something this lavish, security might be a concern too. In addition to the window shades, the Concept One Curve features cameras to know what's going on outside. A touchscreen management system lets occupants control the whole setup from the luxurious chairs.

Lexani claims that if all of this somehow isn't enough for a buyer, it offers even more options to fit their needs. Scroll down to watch a video tour and read more about this rolling home theater. {C}
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Lexani Concept One Curve

Lexani Motorcars, a boutique luxury conversion company receiving vast international praise, has produced the Concept One Curve - the world's first 2015 Escalade with a built-in 48" 4K Technology Curved Smart TV.

Lexani Motorcars is constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility for luxury transportation in everyday vehicles. The Curve is a revisited version of their latest model, the Concept One, with a television upgrade and electronic rear curtains; it is unmatched in its ability to be a premier theater one minute and a five-star mobile office the next. The curved smart TV-which rests on a proprietary electronic partition-is indeed impressive, but it is just one of the numerous amenities this discreet masterpiece boasts.

The Concept One Curve is also equipped with an Apple iPad Air II, 24K gold-plated hardware, a Control4 touch screen management system, airline style tables, TracVision Satellite, security cameras and monitors, a raised ceiling with ambient LED lighting, a Mac Mini computer, video conferencing, and custom power chairs upholstered in the finest European leather. For those who fancy entertainment, this vehicle has all the latest devices in one beautiful space; for those with productivity as a priority, there is nothing that can't be done with this vehicle's astutely planned office features. The above-mentioned amenities are merely a sample of the options available.

Lexani Motorcars also has something for the security-conscious, specializing in the customization of armored vehicles. They have upfitted Escalades, Navigators, Yukons, Land Cruisers, Sequoias, and Mercedes-Sprinters with stunning results. They succeeded in transforming bulletproof steel-laden vehicles into beautiful, relaxing oases. Lexani Motorcars allows you to enjoy an environment of classic elegance while maintaining modern technology at your fingertips.

The Lexani Brand

Lexani, internationally recognized as the leader in luxury automotive accessories, has maintained said position for almost two decades. Attracting the attention of celebrities and featured in notable publications as the New York Times and Forbes, Lexani has become a world-renowned icon of the automotive industry.

Lexani Motorcars

Lexani Motorcars carries the prestige of the Lexani brand to the luxury executive transport market with unparalleled design, innovation, and quality. Since its inception, Lexani Motorcars has exceeded every expectation, providing vehicles for professional athletes, Hollywood elite, and government officials around the globe.

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