Tesla starts real world battery swap test

Those skeptical of the prospects for Tesla's battery swapping program (changing out your spent Model S pack for a fresh one), could be set to eat a bit of crow. The EV automaker has started testing of the program, on a very limited scale, in California.

Lotus to turn the Evora into a crossover?

Premium, high-performance crossovers are the auto industry's new black right now. So its not that surprising that Lotus – a company held in the highest regard by many a driving enthusiast – would want in on that action. Could the company's nearly civilized Evora make for the perfect platform?

Bultaco indroduces Brinco EV off-road bike

We'll forgive you if you've never heard of Spanish motorcycle-maker Bultaco; despite that awesome name the company has been out of the scene for quite a while. So it's double exciting that the old brand is getting a new refresh, with this off-road read electric bike. Get the details, here.

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