Can-Am Maverick: Ripping the Great Outdoors to Shreds
Xcar has channeled its inner Dukes of Hazard, but uses a BRP Can-Am Maverick as substitute for the General Lee and a muddy English field instead of Hazard County, Kentucky. The Maverick is a side-by-side or utility task vehicle (SxS or UTV) from the same folks who make the Spyder, but BRP considers this is a "Sport 2-Seater" of the UTV world that will "get you in front of the pack."

It does so with a 976-cc, V-twin Rotax engine with 101 horsepower that propels the Maverick's 1,294 pounds, it can be either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive at the flick of a switch, it's got 14 inches of suspension travel, and it's road legal in the UK. Eschewing the sanity of the road, Xcar flogs it in an English field and finds the Maverick is capable of a great many things, including the reward of "a childish state of giddiness."

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