Do you need to be the person with the most unique vehicle on your block, a car or truck people constantly stop and ask questions about? Well, the Reboot Buggy from designer Joey Ruiter might be the ultimate answer to your iconoclastic desire, and it's now for auction on eBay Motors.

The concept of a "box on wheels" gets thrown around fairly often to describe vehicles, but it's hard to think of a better way to describe the Reboot Buggy. Without an arch or a curve on any part of its (almost nonexistent) body, it's a shape you'd expect a superhero to be driving. It rides on a custom tube chassis with aluminum body panels and doors from polycarbonate.

Autoblog senior editor Seyth Miersma got to drive the Reboot Buggy earlier this year and described its addictive handling both on and off road. Power comes from a mid-mounted 6.3-liter V8 making a claimed 470 horsepower that routes through a three-speed automatic to drive the rear wheels. To keep all that power down, the suspension is fully independent at all four corners and offers 26 inches of travel at the front and rear. Beefy 40-inch grip in the rough stuff pretty well, too.

No need to worry about where to drive the Reboot Buggy, either. Not only is it street legal with a Michigan title, but the winning bidder also gets an enclosed trailer with custom rear doors to fit the vehicle's 92.5-inch width. The auction ends on Saturday, December 20, and as of this writing, bidding currently sits at $10,187 with the reserve not yet met.
J. Ruiter Reboot Buggy

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