11-year-old Arkansas girl pays cabbie $1,300 to drive her to Florida boy

An 11-year-old girl from Arkansas is back at home after stealing $1,300 from her grandmother and taking a long-distance cab ride to meet a boy in Florida. Catching her wasn't too difficult, though. After her parents reported the girl missing, police found calls to the boy and the taxi company in her cell phone records, and they caught up to the vehicle in Georgia.

According to the Associated Press, the girl was attempting to reach the boy who she had met years ago. Police have leveled no charges against the taxi driver and a spokesperson for the cab company told the AP that the girl was wearing a lot of makeup to appear older. The boy she was trying to reach claimed no knowledge of her intentions, and authorities didn't plan to charge him, either.

The girl is also getting away free and clear because her grandmother doesn't intend to press charges for stealing the money. According to the AP, the girl's father has confiscated her cell phone and makeup.

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