It seems that reports of Ferrari's relocation to London have been somewhat exaggerated. The past few days have seen more than a few stories on the legendary Italian brand's decision to move its tax base out of Italy, and now Fiat Chrysler is speaking out against the scuttlebutt.

"These rumors have no grounds," FCA said in a statement obtained by Reuters. "There is no intention to move the tax residence of Ferrari SpA outside Italy, nor is there any project to delocalize its Italian operations, which will continue to be subject to Italian tax jurisdiction."

Ferrari's move to London was based on two beliefs.

First, that the company would benefit from being located nearer the investor community, should it be listed on a European exchange. FCA, though, said a European listing was only a "possibility," according to Reuters. Instead, the company will be listed on an American market.

Aside from the move to benefit investors, it was believed Ferrari was looking to relocate to escape Italy's more oppressive corporate tax rate, which sits around at 31.4 percent, compared to the UK's 20 percent, Bloomberg reports.

This denial by Fiat Chrysler, though, should be enough to close the book on Ferrari leaving Italy, no matter how much sense it might make.
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