This man has gullwinged delusions of DeLorean grandeur

When an animal rescue group finds a disabled pup, it swoops in and spirits the pooch to a vet and better care. When Rich Weissensel finds a wrecked DeLorean, he whisks it back to his rural lair for a wild makeover. Over the past 14 years, ever since the Chicago native and software engineer met John Z. DeLorean at a car event, he's been exercising his Dr. Moreau-like tendencies on the gullwinged coupe, so far creating a monster truck, a limousine with six gullwing doors, a convertible, a hovercraft and, naturally, a tribute to Back to the Future.

Actually, he doesn't modify all of his DeLoreans - he owns three in stock condition - but he only uses wrecked DeLoreans for his project cars. Why does he do it? In his own words, because he's "Absolutely... DeLorean crazy." And what better answer could there be than that? You can listen to Weissensel tell his story in the video.

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