Jeep CherokeeLong-term 2014 Jeep Cherokee update

Our long-term 2014 Jeep Cherokee is a staff favorite, with thousands upon thousands of miles being happily added to the little SUV's odometer over the past few months. Most recently, editors Ewing and McGraw took the Jeep to northern Michigan to see the fall colors, and made a video all about how the Jeep feels right at home against the backdrop of changing seasons.

Ford Focus RSFord Focus RS confirmed for US

Aw yeah! The Ford Focus ST is already a super sweet little hot hatch, but Ford today confirmed that its new RS version will be a global model. In other words, it's coming to the US. Look for this screaming wonder to pack over 300 horsepower, and potentially use all-wheel drive. We're seriously excited for this one, folks.

school busA new use for school buses?

Next year, school districts in California will begin investigating the possibility of using school buses beyond their traditional use of kid-schlepping. This includes retrofitting six buses to be used as rolling generators, to power schools, hospitals, or other critical places during power outages. There are a bunch of other possibilities, too. Pete Bigelow explains them, here.

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