Naval warfare, aerial warfare, logistical warfare, cyber warfare. There are as many ways to wage war as there are stars in the sky, but economic warfare is perhaps one of the most misunderstood. It's rarely as overt as bombing factories or sinking freighters, featuring more subtle, domestic maneuvers.

Defense One has an excellent column explaining how something as innocuous as America's fuel tax, fracking and solar-power research can wreak havoc with the finances and military power of enemies like the Islamic State as well as rivals like Russia and Iran. It's a particularly well timed column, as global oil prices continue diving, treating American consumers to low prices as the pump.

As D1's Miles Kimball explains it, we can sap the economic power of ISIS, Russia and Iran by lowering American demand with an increased fuel tax and replacing foreign imports with domestically fracked shale. As Kimball explains it, not only would a gradual fuel tax increase help Uncle Sam's coffers, its impact on demand could drive global prices down even further, especially if America's European allies got in on the effort.

It's very much worth a read, particularly in today's complex geopolitical and economic climate. Head over and take a look.

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