There exists a special kind of autosport that sometimes sees drivers approaching turns backwards – on purpose. Welcome to the world of ice racing, where in France, they've put an electric twist on things. The Trophée Andros Electrique puts battery-powered vehicular ballet on display as it winds through the mountainous regions of the French Republic, stopping at seven snowy tracks along the way.

Entering its sixth season, the series is using basically the same buggies supplied to them by Exagon Engineering from the start. Oddly, the motors are now said to be good for 67 kW (90 horsepower), down from 90 Kw (122 horsepower) in years past. In any case, this current crop have updated controllers and improved aerodynamics, giving them enough ice-melting melting juice to hit 170 kph (87 miles per hour) and the ability to go dashing through the snow for 35 minutes.

You can check out the action and follow the timing live on the Trophée Andros website. The racing begins today at Val Thorens in the French Alps, following this schedule (PDF), weather permitting. To get a taste of what to expect, scroll below for a couple of videos from last year's events. Bonne chance, mes amis and good racing!

Val Thorens, Electrique course2 by TropheeAndros

SUPER BESSE 2014 - Finale 1 Electrique by TropheeAndros

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