2015 Volkswagen Touareg - front three-quarter viewWe drive the facelifted 2015 VW Touareg SUV

Volkswagen's Touareg has always straddled the line between the mainstream and luxury SUV segments, but the second-generation model has fallen a bit off the premium pace, having been in production since 2010 without major changes. For 2015, the Touareg gets a streamlined freshened look and a lot of optional new active safety technology. Is it enough to keep it in the hunt? Our man Seyth Miersma drives it and finds out.

85-mph speed limit signMontana lawmakers want 85 mph speed limit

Back in the day, Montana's freeway speed limit on certain vast, empty sections was simply listed as "reasonable and prudent." In other words, it was our version of the Autobahn. That didn't last due to legal challenges, sadly, but now some lawmakers in the state are pushing hard for an 85-mph limit. A number of other neighboring states have adopted 80-mph limits, will Montana do them five better?

Ferrari Sergio - Pininfarina - production carGorgeous production Ferrari Sergio revealed

Listen, we know that gushing over Ferraris isn't exactly an uncommon thing, but we're going to go ahead all the same and express our ardor for this 1 of 6 Ferrari Sergio, a Pininfarina-designed future Pebble Beach Concours winner if we've ever seen one. Ferrari has announced that the first of these half-dozen 458 Spider-based coupes has already been delivered. To the Middle East, where else?

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