Every Christmas, holiday-themed car commercials spur millions to wonder 'who gives a car for Christmas?' immediately followed by 'and where do they find those big bows?'

It turns out, plenty of people give cars for Christmas.

December sees the highest rate of car sales all year. That is due, in part, to year-end discounts car dealerships pile on to existing inventories as they try to clear lots for the latest model years. According to TrueCar data from last year, December 31 is the best day to get a new car. You can expect 8.8 percent off the normal sales price.

While some (rich) people might be able to buy cars as surprise Christmas gifts, a new car is usually not a surprise. A car is the second-most expensive purchase most families will make. Car buying is normally a carefully thought out and discussed process. That's where the bow comes in.

"It makes the presentation a gift. It really makes the car a gift," said Lynda King, owner and operator of King Size Bows. "You know, people say 'my wife knows we're getting a new car for our anniversary, but she doesn't know when we're picking it up.' So the surprise has kind of faded. But the bow brings back the presentation. It's all about presentation."

King realized there was a niche for huge bows in the 1980s after searching for a big bow for her teenage daughter's Christmas gift, a Volkswagen convertible. She ended up fashioning a bow on the fly then, but the idea for a company that makes and ships car size bows stayed with her. Twelve years later, she started King Size Bows. It took nine months for her to create a 30 by 41 inch bow that could be easily shipped and assembled.

While King makes bows for all occasions, including building size bows, half of her business is bows for cars. King Size Bows have appeared on Oprah, in car commercials, such as the most recent Lexus 'December to Remember' ads, and as a giveaway from dealerships looking to gild their sales.

And with a retail price of $49.99, it may be the most affordable part about giving a car for Christmas.

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