There's something very welcoming about the curvaceous, Italian shape of Vespa motor scooters. Practically everyone who looks up when they hear the distinctive put-put sound greets it with a smile and a wave. That charm definitively isn't lost on Peter Maas and his 1962 Vespa GS160 that still wears its original paint. In a recent video, Petrolicious takes a look at Maas' passion and his career of keeping these classic two-wheelers on the road.

Maas got his first Vespa at 16, and after crashing it, he quickly went looking for another. He has kept buying Vespas ever since and has made a living out of restoring them for clients. These days, he works out of a shop that perfectly fits his bikes' old-world aesthetic with big windows, wood floors and parts scattered everywhere. It almost looks like a museum dedicated to vintage scooters.

Check out the video to learn how stealing the key to his grandfather's garage at age six set Maas on this path to love these classic bikes.

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