Takata airbag factory inspector finds safety issues in Mexico

It seems Takata has manufacturing issues beyond the technical details of its airbags. The Japanese company is not in the good graces of American authorities after declining a national recall in response to faulty airbag deployments, while authorities in Mexico are unhappy with health and safety issues at Takata's plant in Monclava, Mexico, where millions of inflators are being produced to service automaker recalls.

A report in Bloomberg says that Takata was running "a self-management program on health and safety in the workplace," but the company was having problems with it. In response, Mexican regulators visited the Monclava facility on August 13 this year, resulting in a report that listed 171 remedies for health and safety issues at the plant. When combined with the manufacturing and quality control problems at the location, there doesn't appear to be anything going right there.

Mexican officials wouldn't divulge any one of the 171 recommendations, so we don't know what the problems were nor how they might affect the products made there. But as Congressional Representative Diana DeGette said, "we may be dealing with fundamental problems with this company" that might encourage even more scrutiny, and perhaps a better response than the firm has provided up to now.

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