Honda rolls out new N-Box Slash kei car in Japan

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Honda may not compete with the likes of the expanding Fiat 500 and contracting Mini families in the North American or European markets, but back home in Japan it has a whole series of retro hatchbacks, grouped together as part of its N series. And now there is one more.

Called the N-Box Slash (or N/ for short), the boxy but stylish new hatch is built to fit into Japan's rigid Kei car class, which means a tiny footprint no longer than 11 feet long and five feet wide. That makes it even smaller than the already-diminutive Smart Forfour or Renault Twingo, but into that compact form, Honda has fit five doors and four seats under a tall roof. In fact those front seats even fold flat and flush with the rear ones to make for as big a bed as you could possibly fit inside its compact dimensions.

Technical details remain scarce, but power likely comes from the same 600cc three-cylinder engine - turbocharged or not, driving the front wheels or all four - as the rest of the N series, which already includes the N-One, N-Box, N-Box+ and N-WGN. Feel free to read the original Japanese or Google-translated press releases below, just don't expect it or any of its stablemates to show up in a North American showroom any time soon.
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新型軽乗用車「N-BOX SLASH(エヌボックス スラッシュ)」をホームページで先行公開

Hondaは、12月22日(月)に発売を予定している「N」シリーズ※1第5弾の新型軽乗用車「N-BOX SLASH(エヌボックス スラッシュ)」に関する情報を、11月27日(木)にHondaのホームページで先行公開しました。

N-BOX SLASHは、ご好評いただいている「N」シリーズのセンタータンクレイアウトを用いたパッケージングや優れた使い勝手を踏襲しながらも、"もっと格好良く"、"もっと面白く"という開発当初からの想いを具現化。エクステリア、インテリア、カラーをトータルに考えた5つのデザインストーリーを持つ、Honda独創の軽乗用車です。



※1 「N」シリーズは「日本にベストな新しいのりものを創造したい」という想いを込めて、Hondaのクルマ作りの原点でもある「M・M(マン・マキシマム/メカ・ミニマム)思想」を具現化した革新プラットフォームにより、軽乗用車の概念を超えた広さ、快適さ、経済性を実現した軽乗用車シリーズです。「N」シリーズ第1弾モデル「N-BOX(エヌボックス)」、第2弾モデル「N-BOX +(エヌボックスプラス)」、第3弾モデル「N-ONE(エヌワン)」、第4弾モデル「N-WGN(エヌワゴン)」

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Preceding publish new mini passenger car "N-BOX SLASH (NTT box slash)" in the home page

Honda is, December 22 (Monday) to have plans to release "N" series ※ 1 information about the fifth installment of the new mini-car "N-BOX SLASH (NTT box slash)", November 27 ( I was preceded published in Honda's home page on the tree). N-BOX SLASH, even while following the packaging and excellent usability using the center tank layout of the "N" series has gotten favorable reception, "better looking", feelings from the very beginning the development of "more interesting" and embody. Exterior, interior, with five of the design story you thought the color in total, it is light passenger cars of Honda originality. We propose a new story, please stay tuned please to "N" The latest series. Address of the special page is as follows.

※ 1 "N" series is with great thought that "I want to create the best new vehicles in Japan", it embodied the innovation is also the origin of the car making of Honda "M · M (Man Maximum / Mecha minimum) thought" the platform, the breadth beyond the concept of light passenger car, comfort, it is light passenger car series that achieves economy. "N" series first series model "N-BOX (NTT box)", 2nd model "N-BOX + (NTT box plus)", 3rd model "N-ONE (Enuwan)", 4th model "N-WGN (Enuwagon)"

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