Despite recent rumors to the contrary, don't expect to see much collaboration between Tesla and BMW in the near future. Based on some rather prickly statements from the German automaker, Elon Musk might have even burnt some bridges in Bavaria with his latest proclamations.

The spat stems from Musk's recent interview with German magazine Der Spiegel where he discusses future collaboration with BMW on "battery technology or charging stations" and the possibility of a battery factory in Germany. But apparently, any future tie-ups are news to the Bavarian automaker. In an interview with the German business publication Wirtschafts Woche, an unnamed spokesperson for the company claims Musk said it all for PR value and swats down most of the statements. BMW has no intention of acquiring Tesla shares, and they aren't working together on any tech.

There's not much chance for future cooperation on a battery factory in Germany, either. BMW believes that the cells can just as easily be purchased from suppliers, like other auto parts. The one slight concession is that the spokesperson said that the German automaker would be willing to supply Tesla with carbon fiber. That's not an exclusive offer, though, and the company is open to negotiate such a deal with any interested automaker.

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