Chris Harris does road and track work in the LaFerrari

Yes, we know, we just saw Chris Harris smoking it up around Anglesey Circuit in a Porsche 911 GT3 and a Ferrari 458 Speciale, and here he is again. But this is Harris in one of the (three!) era-defining supercars, and we simply can't miss that.

Harris celebrates every aspect of the Ferrari LaFerrari but one - its name - praising it for "immediate" thrust, a "very pointy" front end, and the sound at 9,000 revs. Even if you watched without words, his face tells tales, sometimes intense, sometimes agog, and at least once, with mouth agape at 9:44, looking like he's doing something other than driving a car. His final verdict is that the LaFerrari "is in a class of two," but beats all. Take 15 minutes of your day to enjoy the video and discover the LaFerrari's only competitor, as well as "a little oversteer." In slow motion, naturally.

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