Smart ForfourWe drive the 2016 Smart Forfour

The redesigned Smart Fortwo is a better offering than ever before, what with its fully reworked, Renault Twingo underpinnings. And while the diminutive two-door will be headed to the US relatively soon, the Forfour isn't currently on the docket for American sales. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Our man Noah Joseph reports in today's Quick Spin.

MechanicCould working on your car violate copyright law?

Working on your car seems harmless enough, right? Well, in the future, it could be significantly more complicated. Pete Bigelow explains how a privacy group is warning mechanics and enthusiasts that working on a car could actually violate copyright laws. Crazy stuff – read it all, here.

Autoblog PodcastAutoblog Podcast #407

On this week's podcast, Dan Roth, Steven Ewing, and AutoblogGreen editor-in-chief Sebastian Blanco talk about the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, the odd little Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle, and the recent Car and Driver 10Best list that no longer includes the BMW 3 Series. We also talk about what we're driving this week, mixed in with the usual friendly banter.

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