Bentley Grand ConvertibleBig, topless Bentley sure is Grand

It's been a while since we've had a properly huge, grand Bentley convertible in our market, following the departure of the Azure. But lo, Bentley has introduced the aptly named Grand Convertible, just days before the Los Angeles Auto Show. It's based on the new Mulsanne Speed, and is really something special. Check it out, here.

Bentley Mulsanne SpeedBig, fixed-roof Bentley is also quite grand

Speaking of Mulsanne Speed, we actually just drove one. Well, Jonathon Ramsey did, piloting the 530-horsepower, 811-pound-feet sedan through Florida. Ramsey finds out that the fastest Bentley ever is also one of the best, in all regards. Makes sense, considering the nearly $400,000 as-tested price. Check out the full Quick Spin for Ramsey's impressions.

VW Golf R VariantVW Golf R wagon? Shut up and take our money

There's not much to dislike about the Volkswagen Golf R. It's one of our favorite hot hatches, and with a functional shape and all-wheel drive, it's pretty much the perfect everyday car. Or is it? Meet the Golf R Variant, also debuting this week at the LA Auto Show. It takes everything we know and love about the Golf R and stretches it into an even more capacious wagon shape. Sign us up. Now.

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