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Hot diggity dog, Fido is back! The people that brought us that bare bones electric scooter we found so fetching a few years back have resurfaced across the country in Kalamazoo, MI and will start sinking their canines into the business of building bikes, just as soon as they recover from jet lag.

Founder Jeb Gast, and a couple of his cohorts, are freshly returned from the 100th EICMA (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori) in Milan, Italy where they set tongues wagging with the debut of the now-eponymous company's production prototype. Although motorcycles are the focus of the show, the Fido folks were pleased to find their vision of urban-friendly transport was shared by many others from across Europe.

The new Fido is simple and designed to be maintained by owners lacking a mechanical engineering degree.

Like the original, the new Fido is simple and designed to be maintained by owners lacking a mechanical engineering degree. Its wheels are held in place by three bolts, while a further five split the rim, allowing for relatively easy access to the tube within. Gast, who previously operated Soundspeed Scooters in Seattle, says a flat on a Vespa can involve a couple hundred bucks and a trip on a tow truck.

The scoot has a 2.5-kWh lithium battery that can be removed from its home in the floorboard and taken into your home, where it can be recharged from empty in around three hours. The motor, which peaks out at four-and-a-half kilowatts (six horsepower), is attached to the rear wheel, doing away with chains and sprockets. The setup is said to be good for about 35 miles per charge and tops out at 45 miles per hour. Recently the company put its puppy on a dyno and saw it pull with a surprising 84 pound-feet of torque. Gast tells AutoblogGreen that it pulls away from the lights like a 200 or 250cc gas-powered bike.

Fido hopes to make 150 or so machines in 2015.

Having recently finished renovations on the old factory where it now hangs its shingle, Fido hopes to make 150 or so machines in 2015, with work starting on the first litter early in the new year. While its top dog is expected to sport a price tag in the $5,500 neighborhood, the outfit also has plans for a lower-power version in response to demand from rental firms, whose clientele's lack of a motorcycle endorsement might give them paws pause.

While we secretly hope to take this bike for a ride ourselves – sometime before the you-know-what-days of summer – for now we can only peruse the gallery and dream. You can track the company's progress via its Facebook page and on Instagram and together, we can look forward to the day they release the hounds.
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Michigan Startup Fido Motors Challenges Perception of Scooters
Kalamazoo Company to manufacture its fully-electric 2-wheeled vehicle "Fido" locally, adding jobs and growing the creative economy.

KALAMAZOO, November 4, 2014 -- Fido Motors will unveil their first fully-electric 2-wheeled vehicle, Fido, at the 100th anniversary of EICMA, the world's largest and oldest motorcycle exhibition hosted in Milan, Italy on November 4-9.

The ingenuity of Fido's design lies in its simplicity, offering its owner the ability to maintain the scooter without costly trips to a mechanic or the manufacturer. Every aspect of Fido was engineered for efficiency: custom shaped lithium ion batteries that double as the foot rest, a large floor board area for transporting cargo, fully adjustable seating and an array of cargo accessories. Says Fido Motors owner and designer Jeb Gast, "It took a lot of work to make (Fido) this simple." Fido's timeless aesthetic combined with reliable contemporary electronics create a production vehicle unlike anything that's ever ridden the road. Photos are available at fidomotors.com.

Fido Electric Scooter: • 100% electric • 45 mph top speed (72kph) • Approximately 40 miles per charge (64km) • Low maintenance-no oil changes ever • Easy DIY service (If you're into that) • Cost effective to own: less than a penny per mile.

Fido Motors started as a result of Gast's search for the electric scooter that could perform on-par with modern gasoline scooters. After starting Soundspeed Scooters in Seattle as a dedicated electric scooter shop in 2008, Gast quickly realized that the scooters he could offer his customers were not of the quality of design and build that he or his customers expected. The only electric scooters on the market were overly complicated electric conversions of poorly-made gas scooters with low top speeds, limited range, long charging times and substandard build quality. Not surprisingly, these scooters have yet to appeal to urban commuters.

Gast envisioned an electric scooter that could give the rider everything they expected from a well-built gasoline scooter in a fully-electric model, paired with an elegant, simple design. His concept was straight-forward: you should be able to carry everything you need in the glove-box and charge your battery in your third-floor apartment without dragging the scooter up the stairs or hanging an extension cord out the window.

It should be comfortable, easy to ride, and look great. While these ideas seem obvious, Gast couldn't find one to sell. So, he set out to make it himself. Located two hours west of Detroit, Fido Motors is leading a new wave of 2-wheel vehicles and accessories that promise to create a category of electric scooters on par with gas models. The startup was established to empower riders to understand, service and care for their transportation themselves.

Fido Motors is currently seeking capital. Production of Fido will begin this winter in Kalamazoo. Fido Motors LLC 1415 Fulford Street Kalamazoo, MI 49001 USA 269.276.0060 hello@fidomotors.com www.fidomotors.com END ###

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