After seeing the recently released trailer, we're sure many are looking forward to the mindless automotive excitement that Fast & Furious 7 promises. The film looks to be going to even crazier extremes in this seventh installation of the franchise, with cars parachuting out of planes, a bus bristling with guns and Jason Statham beating people up. However, the movie doesn't hit theaters until April 3, 2015. That's a bit of a wait, but thankfully a video from Mighty Car Mods is giving us a taste of what to expect by going behind the scenes with the man in charge of building vehicles for the series.

The true highlight of this video happens with we're taken along on a visit to the movie's car coordinator, Dennis McCarthy, where we learn the secrets behind these custom vehicles. For example, McCarthy specs many of the models in the film with a standardized, 500-horsepower drivetrain. Not only does it provide plenty of power, but the uniform solution probably makes them easier to repair on set, too.

Check out the video for a sneak peek at some of the cool cars being featured in next-year's installment of the action franchise, and get the inside scoop on some behind-the-scenes production stories about how the work gets done.

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