Lamborghini Accademia - cars on trackWe get schooled at at Lamborghini Accademia

Lamborghini recently invited us to try out its Accademia performance driving program at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, one of our favorite tracks anywhere. Driving a Huracán or an Aventador is always entertaining, but next-level instruction and evaluation really separates Accademia from some of its rivals.

This or That - VW Vanagon Syncro vs. Land Rover DefenderThis Or That: $30K Off-Road Challenge

Our popular This Or That Series has moved on to our writers' favorite $30,000 off-road rigs, and Jeremy Korzeniewski and Brandon Turkus have come up with a couple of real zingers from 1987: a Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro and a Land Rover Defender. Which would you rather have? Read along and find out who picked what vehicle, and why.

Ford Everest SUV splashing through the mudFord reveals all-new overseas Everest SUV

While here in America the vast majority of utility vehicles have moved to car-based crossover platforms, globally there's still a healthy market for body-on-frame SUVs. Bruisers like this handsome new Ford Everest, which will be sold in Asia-Pacific markets. Judging by our reader poll, Autoblog readers think the model would succeed in North America, too.

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