The situation with ISIS in Iraq is having a major impact on the Iraqi Air Force, and we aren't just talking about its battles with the militant group. See, Iraq has placed an order for 36 of the F-16 fighters, with deliveries to slated to start this year. The security threat posed by ISIS is forcing the US Department of Defense to delay, particularly after it had to evacuate its contractors from Iraq's Balad Air Base.

The first three fighters will be transferred from the plane's Fort Worth, TX factory to Tucson Air National Guard base in Arizona, where Iraqi pilots are currently working with US Air Force trainers. The remaining five aircraft in the first batch of F-16s should be delivered over the next five months.

"We expect the Iraqi pilots will begin flying their own aircraft for continuation training beginning in January," Army Col. Stephen Warren, a DoD spokesman, told Jane's.

The entire complement of aircraft was originally scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2017. While there's no official word on if that date will hold, this latest delay does appear less likely.

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