It took a little while before the Vencer Sarthe went from early computer models to its real-life debut last year. But the company didn't stop there, reworking the design even further before the first units were actually completed. With the Dutch supercar finally actually in production, it's time to find out if the mid-engine coupe lives up to the wait, and Autocar is putting the Sarthe to the test.

In many ways, the Vencer has a very old-school, minimalist vibe. Unlike many modern supercars, there are no electric motors to offer hybrid power or a trick all-wheel-drive setup for added traction. The Sarthe just shoves a supercharged 6.3-liter V8 pumping out 622 horsepower and 618 pound-feet of torque and six-speed manual behind the driver in a space-frame chassis. While anti-lock brakes are a small modern concession, the vehicle otherwise lacks any electronic aids, like traction control or stability control. Even the interior is pared down to the bare essentials with only a central screen for the gauges and a handful of buttons.

Is there still room in the supercar realm for a model that is so assertively primordial? Take a ride with Autocar to see if the Vencer can stand up to modern times.

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