Tesla will 'probably' raise Model S price in Europe

CFO Deepak Ahuja Says Weak Euro Hurting Profits

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The price for the Tesla Model S around Europe started higher than the US price but then went down. On a recent conference call with investors last week, CEO Elon Musk said that the future price will be going up. Probably.

The hike is unlikely to be major, and Musk said that it's all part of the occasional purchase price adjustments that the company needs to make:

We're probably going to have to adjust the price of our car in euros upwards because there has been a 7 percent change in the exchange rates of the euro versus the dollar. So we'll periodically have to make pricing adjustments if the exchange rate band gets too wide. I would certainly encourage anyone in Europe to purchase their car soon because we probably will have to make an adjustment there.

Some example Model S starting prices in Europe are 66,640 euros ($82,712) in Belgium, 65,740 ($81,595) in Germany and 59,440 euros ($73,776) in France. For now, anyway. At the beginning of 2014, a dollar got you 72 euro cents. Today, it gets you 80. That might not be a big difference when you're buying brews for your new best friends at the hostel, but as Deepak Ahuja, Tesla Motors' Chief Financial Officer, told investors that, "as the euro weakens, the effect on our revenue is immediate."

You can read a full transcript of the call here and listen here.

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