Michelin is globally known for two things – tires and food. Yeah, we know, those two are pretty far removed from each other, but the company's history in the former is very nearly as long and storied as its work in the latter.

A decade after the Michelin brothers started selling tires, they introduced the first Michelin Guide, a comprehensive booklet that served as a powerful resource for France's early road travelers. It contained information on hotels, gas stations and, eventually, restaurants. A three-star rating system developed, and it's carried on to today, becoming a very, very prestigious award for restaurateurs.

Business Insider has a brief but comprehensive history of the so-called Michelin stars and the current state of the Michelin Guide and its role across the globe. Whether you're a fan of tasty food, Gordon Ramsay or just travel in general, the story is worth a read.

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