China ready to target US drones with lasers

America's use of drones in southeast Asia and the waters around China has been a bit of a contentious issue between the two countries, and now, it's starting to get really heated, as the People's Republic has successfully tested a drone-killing laser.

According to Jane's, the system is called Dikong Weishi, which translates to "low-altitude guard." It can zap drones across a two-square-kilometer area and can cover up to 12 square kilometers of airspace. It does have limits, though. It can only track drones that travel below 112 miles per hour at under 500 meters (1,640 feet). The US' premiere drone, the Global Hawk, has a cruising speed of over 350 miles per hour and can hit 60,000 feet, while even the smaller Reaper (shown above) cruises at nearly 200 mph and hit 50,000 feet.

Still, the system could easily dispatch the smallest drones in the US fleet, and it'd be darn good at it. According to China's Xinhua news service, in a recent test, the system was able to allegedly shoot down 30 drones within five seconds of detection

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